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Welcome to Core War!
Core War is a simulation game where a number of warriors try to crash each other while they are running in a virtual computer. The warriors can be written in one of two assembler-like languages called Core War and Redcode. Core War is the default language and is easier to learn and understand. Redcode provides more advanced and powerful instructions but also requires more time to learn.

You can download to Core War program and install it on your computer or you can use the "hills", ie. online tournaments on this page. The program runs on Linux and other Unix systems. You need a recent copy of GTK+ on your computer to use the Core War program.

You can watch your warriors while they are running in the main program window. A statistic window will give you live coverage of just how well your warriors are doing. A tournament mode will allow you to run you own tournaments on your computer.

What's next?
To get started . . .
  • . . . take the tour.
  • . . . get the Core War program,
  • . . . play with the supplied warriors in the Java applet or download them,
  • . . . read the README file,
  • . . . write your own warriors and submit them to the online hills,
  • . . . discuss your warriors on the mailing list or on the sourceforge message forum.

News - Test mode
by Philip Thorne on December 13th 2001
Warriors can now be submitted in “test” mode to pit them against a hill without changing it or being archived. Select from the new "your warriors" box to view results or edit and resubmit. Inspired by Pizza.

To specify a “test” warrior select the check box on the submission form.

The following optional directives are newly available to Redcode writers:

    ;redcode test     ;test     ;password your password here

by Walter Hofmann on June 2nd 2001
The processing of some warriors was delayed because the back end was not running. This was caused by the switch-over to sourceforge's backup shell server as a result of their security problem earlier this week. Hopefully everything will run smoothly from now on.

News - Web site updated
by Walter Hofmann on November 29th 2000
A number of improvements have been made to the web pages. If you look at the warrior archive or at the hills you will notice that there are blue old  and red old  dots near the warrior names. They indicate the age of the warrior. For each week the warrior is on the site a blue dot is added, for each month (actually four weeks) a red dot. The exact time when a warrior was submitted is still displayed on the warrior's page. Another colourful enhancement: You can select different colour schemes for the score matrix (look at the bottom of the hill pages).

I also rewrote the script which makes all the links on the various pages. The only effect this will (hopefully) have is that you can see how often the links on the links page have been used. As a side effect the playlist box (which you'll see once you selected a warrior for your Java game) is now updated correctly even if you have a proxy which ignores cache-control tags. The Java code was also fine-tuned and new links were added.

Update: I have added a guided tour. Look at the box on the right.
Update: It's now possible to download an archive with the warriors from the hill. See the archive page for details


current version


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play now
Play instantly with the Redcode warriors from this site in your Java enabled browser. Just click on Play! whenever you see it.
You can also choose from a list of prepared tournaments:
- 8 warriors from the Redcode tiny (evolved) hill.
- 4 warriors from the Redcode standard hill.

guided tour
New here? Take the tour!

The tour will show you all you need to know to get started with Core War.
[ start ]
screen shots
- Main program
- Statistic
- Options
- Program statistic
- Program selection

Hills are online warrior tournaments.
- Core War standard hill (submit, delete)
- Core War battle hill (submit, delete)
- Redcode beginner (submit, delete)
- Redcode standard (submit, delete)
- Redcode big (submit, delete)
- Redcode multiwarrior (submit, delete)
- Redcode tiny (evolved) (submit, delete)
- Redcode tiny (all) (submit, delete)

You can also browse the archive of all warriors.

The documentation files are also included in the distribution file. The README file has a description of the Core War language.
- the README file
- interesting combinations
- the change log
- contact information

Please visit our links page to find out about other projects like this.
mailing list
We have a mailing list for corewars users to discuss their warriors.
Core War is hosted by sourceforge.

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Copyright 2000, 2001 by Walter Hofmann